Hyderabad:  All set to observe Muharram (month of mourning) from this week 

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Jul 18, 2023
Hyderabad:  All set to observe Muharram (month of mourning) from this week
Hyderabad: Shia dominated localities in the old city of Hyderabad are all set to observe Muharram (the month of mourning). This is the occasion to commemorate the martyrdom of Hazrath Imam Hussain, grandson of Prophet Mohammed. The Muharram is expected to begin from July 19-20, it is depend on moon.
Though the Ashurkhanas have been freshly painted and Alams were decorated for the occasion of Muharram, and almost facilities have been arranged for the devotees. The Hyderabad has many historical structures including Ashurkhanas with holy relics of members of the prophet’s family. The relics were brought to Hyderabad during the Qutub Shahi period. They were authenticated and preserved in Alams. The relics from the battle of Karbala are also preserved in the Ashurkhanas.
Special prayer, mourning and recital of ‘Noha’ by various mourning groups and religious leaders marked the first day of Muharram.Large numbers of devotees from different places are expected to visit the Ashurkhanas.
Mir Abbas Ali Moosvi, president, Anjuman-e-Mutawallian, told that the Ashurkhanas including Badshahi Ashurkhana, Bibi Ka Alawa, Naal-e-Mubarak, Aza Khane Zehra, Panjeshah and others have freshly been painted and cleaned.
“All possible arrangements have been made in the Ashurkhanas including painting and cleaning freshly done. Initially, the people from different places visit the Ashurkhanas and around 4-5 thousands devotees are expected to attend the gathering regularly. Generally, the crowd is seen swelling after 4 pm and they mostly attend the Masjlis,’’ said, Mir Abbas Ali Moosvi, president Anjuman-e-Mutawallian.
He further told that they sought Government of Telangana to release Rs 100 crore for the certain dilapidated condition of the Ashurkhanas’ renovations and constructions, but they did not get any reply in this regard.
“We have been demanding State Government to heed towards the dilapidated condition of the Ashurkhanas located in the city outskirts and in certain districts. We have requested officials concerned to release Rs 100 crore for the renovations and constructions of those Ashurkhanas, which they need immediate attention. But nothing has been done to release the fund yet, if such trend continues some historical structures may collapse,’’ said, Mir Abbas Ali Moosvi.
The GHMC, HMWSSB and other departments’ authorities were requested to make sure better amenities for the devotees.

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