Waqf-Darbar: 15-days deadline set for TSWB to take action against land mafia

ByVoiceup Media

Jul 17, 2023
Hyderabad:  A 15-days deadline set for Telangana State Waqf Board (TSWB) to take action against the land mafia or else threatened to face legal initiatives.’
A group of lawyers, waqf activists headed by Mahamood Paracha, senior advocate, Supreme Court here on Sunday met and discussed over the Waqf land encroachments and illegal selling of the properties. Over 80 percent Waqf land said to have been encroached and the administration frequently fails to take  corrective measures.
They also decided to organize a protest on July 30 in Hyderabad to draw attention towards alleged failure in the protection of Waqf properties of Government of Telangana and Telangana State Waqf Board (TSWB).
“ A large numbers of advocates and waqf activities had gather in the Waqf-Darbar and decided to protest against the failure f TSWB on July 30 at Indira Park,’’ Mahmood Paracha, senior advocate, Supreme Court told VM.
A Waqf-Darbar (meeting) headed by Mahmood Paracha, was held to receive complaints related to the Waqf land encroachments. The aim of conducting such meeting is to deal with land-mafia and protections of the Waqf-properties effectively henceforth.
“We have started a campaign ‘Mission Save Waqf & Save Constitution’ in Telangana. The people are being made aware about the Waqf properties with the help of joint efforts in this drive. I sincerely appeal people from Muslim community to come forward and safeguard the properties. A particular website will be created for uploading the documents related Waqf properties and on that base a police complaint will be lodged against the land grabber,’’said, Mahmood Paracha, senior advocate, supreme court.
The complainants’ notified that acres of Waqf-lands existing Telangana State being encroached and unlawfully sold out with the help fake NOCs. They sought TSWB to carry out immediate inspection and ensure removal of encroachments from Waqf lands.
“I suggest people to become Waqf-Crusaders and contribute their support in this cause. Try to identify the Waqf properties and if you find it and then share the details with us. We will give legal help to the people,’’ added, Mahmood Paracha.
He reminded that over 80 per cent Waqf properties have been encroached in the State despite the administration has failed to reclaim the properties. The Waqf Board Chief and its legal team allegedly failed to attend the cases in the court that led to lose the expensive properties.

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