Telangana: Probe sought in Waqf Lands encroachments & removal of TSWB chairman

ByVoiceup Media

Jul 13, 2023
Seeking immediate removal of Telangana State Waqf Board (TSWB) Chairman Masiullah Khan for his alleged inaction against land-mifai, All India Sufi Ulema Council (AISUC), Bhujan Samaj Party (BSP), and Association of Save Waqf Property (ASWP) demanded a high-level inquiry into the Waqf-Lands encroachment.
AISUC, BSP and ASWP claimed that Government of Telangana and Telangana State Waqf Board (TSWB) reportedly failed to safeguard the properties. Though, several representations have been made with regard to encroachment, but no corrective steps are taken to save the precious lands.
Government was urged to clarify as to why not proper measures taken to reclaim and protect the Waqf lands in the State? TSWB’s record room which is still locked said to be the key factors behind losing the legal battles in the courts.
The cases being either lost in the courts or occupants are reportedly being made of waqf tenants by TSWB. Muslim Minority leaders have to say that local leaders and their acquaintances are made waqf tenants but they seek TSWB to let the homeless be made the Waqf Tenants.
They drew attention towards certain Waqf Lands located at Maheshwaram, Talagadda, under Karwan Constituency, Maula Ali Survey No: 417, 418, 419, 420, 422 Malkajgiri Mandal, and others areas, needed immediate inspection and intervention.
“We frequently demand Telangana State Waqf Board (TSWB) to at least protect the remaining properties exists in the State. But to our surprise, local leaders are allowed to make their respective acquaintance as Waqf tenants. We actually want the Board to consider and heed towards homeless people to make them tenants or lease them out its land so as to it could be protected and can be a source of income for the Board. Those, who raise voice against the land grabbers either will have to face false charges or being targeted. The Record Room is still shut, should be unlocked without any further delay, we strongly believe that failure in legal affairs is main reason of record room closure,’’said, All India Sufi Ulema Council, president Hakeem Sufi Syed Shah Mohammed Khiaruddin Quadri.
Abrar Hussain Azad, State Convener Minorities, BSP, reminded that CM KCR had promised to give judicial power to TSWB, but he has gone back to his words. He said that an awareness drive would be undertaken to make Muslims aware about the waqf properties.
“Many cases are not being attended in the courts that lead the illegal occupants to settle down permanently. The record room is still locked which is the key factor behind losing legal battle in the courts. Government of Telangana is only the responsible for losing precious Waqf lands and TSWB had been made dummy. We will make aware the people of the Telangana about the waqf lands and their rights in the State,’’ said, Abrar Hussain Azad, State Convenor, BSP.
Association of Save Waqf Property (ASWP) also alleged that Waqf Lands located in Maheshwaram and Malkajgiri District being reportedly encroached and though the TSWB was aware about the matter, but it has reportedly failed to stop the constructions activities.
“Acres of Waqf Land located in Maheswaram, is being encroached, while the case of this land is still pending in the court. Also, illegal construction is on full-swing on Survey No. 417, 418, 419, 420, 422 under Malkajgiri Mandal, despite this, Board Chief Masiullah Khan yet to come out and inspect the lands. The entire matter should be probed immediately by removing the Board’s Chief. A special officer should be appointed to lead the legal team and for the protection of the expensive lands,’’ said, Syed Ifteqar Hussaini, General Secretary, Association of Save Waqf Property.
When contacted, TSWB Chairman Masiullah Khan said that the allegations are baseless and all possible initiatives taken to throw out illegal occupants. “All possible efforts are made to protect the lands and we have deployed our team to find out the facts with regard to Telagadda lands and others. The allegations are baseless and no one is made tenants. The Board is not made aware about any encroachment if we receive any complaints we surely take action,’’ said, Masiullah Khan, chairman, TSWB.

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