Telangana: MBT Condemns alleged in-action of Gajwel police against Bajrang Dal & VHP workers, demands an inquiry by a sitting High Court Judge:

ByVoiceup Media

Jul 5, 2023

Amjed Ullah Khan,Spokesman, MBT condemned the alleged in-action of Gajwel Police against Bajrang Dal and VHP workers hooliganism and attacks on muslims and their holy places.

“whatever has been done by Mohammed Imran who was drunk has been condemned by one and all and police is free to take action against him as per law, but the silence of Gajwel Police against Bajrang Dal and VHP workers who paraded Mohammed Imran half naked and forced him to lick urinated footpath and again today took out rallies and pelted stones on two Masjid and raised slogans against muslims,” said, Amjedullah Khan.

Mr Khan said what this anti-social elements had done was expected off but the silence of Gajwel Police is questionable that to in CM KCR Assembly Constituency and infront of Elections. 

He questioned that how can more than 100-150 people in dead night in a remote village of Gajwel assemble and take out rally without any planning.How can they take out rally when there was Sec 144 imposed?

“Why the police didn’t used lathi charge or water canon or fired in Air to disburse the mob.Why there was no preventive or house arrest as they had all ready announce a bandh (shut),”?

Mr Khan demanded that this case has happened in CM KCR Assembly Constituency and that to infront of Assembly Elections has been a case of deep conspiracy to defame KCR and his rule so this case should be investigated thoroughly by a sitting High Court Judge.

A day before incident…

A man was paraded naked, forced to chant Jai Shree Ram & lick footpath full of urine, All this happened in CM KCR Assembly Constituency ie #Gajwel in Siddipet District.

“The Gajwel Police was a mute spectator to this entire incident, I request DGP Telangana and Commissioner of Police Siddipet to inquire into this incident and provide fool proof security to muslims and their institution during the band call given by Bajrang Dal, VHP & RSS,” said, MBT spokesperson.

He further added that the incident happened as the right wing hindu elements suspected & blamed a drunken man of urinating beside a Shivaji Statue and took law into their own hands and tried to kill him right in front of Police.



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