“Quality healthcare must reach the deepest pockets of the society, especially the impoverished and financially challenged strata.” AK Khan

ByVoiceup Media

Jul 3, 2023

Hyderabad : In a novel non-governmental health partnership between doctors in India and the United States of America, a group of medical specialists in the United States have announced to pool their expertise for the benefit of fellow citizens in Hyderabad. The expertise will be channeled through India US Comprehensive Medical Clinic at Bazar Guard in Hyderabad.

Participating as a Chief Guest,Minority Affairs Advisor to Government of Telangana Mr. A. K. Khan said “quality healthcare must reach the deepest pockets of the society, especially the impoverished and financially challenged strata.” He said “service-oriented healthcare is the need of the hour.”

Lauding the initiative, he said that the US Hyderabad Comprehensive Health Clinic for undertaking a novel and sophisticated approach of ‘giving back to the society’, and termed sharing knowledge and expertise as the true means to help a society evolve.

Addressing the gathering of doctors, pharmacists and philanthropists, founder of US Hyderabad Comprehensive Medical Clinic Dr. Tajammul Hussain who also heads (Chicago Muslim Medical Alliance (CMMA), a non-profit organization of 650 doctors in Chicago, said “such collaborative healthcare expertise will benefit, those seeking an expert second opinion on a complex medical condition or an in-depth consultation with international experts.”

“For medical cases requiring in-patient treatment or specialist advice, doctors at the clinic or via Zoom will refer patients to a bigger medical facility,”

Recollecting the historical ties between India and America, Dr. Tajammul Hussain said “the exchange of healthcare practices between India and America can be traced back to the pioneering efforts of Indian physicians who migrated to the United States, enriching the American medical landscape with their expertise and wisdom. Likewise, American doctors and medical professionals have journeyed to India, immersing themselves in the richness of Indian healthcare practices and approaches to holistic healing.”

He further said that the US Hyderabad Comprehensive Health Clinic symbolizes the culmination of this remarkable journey, where the exchange of knowledge, expertise, and resources converges to create a harmonious blend of medical excellence.

Dr Tajammul Hussain, a 1982-batch Osmanian, who founded the CMMA, an organization of 650 doctors hailing from different specialities in the United States, also serves as the Director of Hematology and Oncology at Insight Hospital in Chicago, and as the Board Member of Illinois Department for Ambulatory Surgical Center.

He said “healthcare challenges transcend geographical boundaries. The establishment of this clinic reflects our collective commitment to addressing these challenges together, pooling our resources, and leveraging the advancements in healthcare from both India and America”

The Clinic currently has a consultation room and a pharmacy. Specialist doctors in Cardiology, Intensive medicine, pediatric cardiology, nephrology and neurology will reportedly lend their services for this noble cause.

Basic medicines and treatment will be provided free of cost for financially challenged patients while others can avail this treatment at a subsidized price. “A digital consultation room will soon be set up to provide outpatients access to a network of nearly 650 doctors from different specializations in America over Zoom and similar platforms. Patients will be able to directly interact with doctors in America for a second opinion or an in-depth consultation through the Clinic’s Digital Consultation room”, he said.


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