Rcpuram: Tellapur road closure adds to motorists woes, sought to re-open it immediately


Jul 2, 2023

Rcpuram: The one side road closure has been much inconvenience to the people passing through Tellpaur, which is exist between Srilingampally and Ramchandrapuram Mandal.

The authorities reportedly failed to address the issue being faced by the motorists and passersby for the last several weeks.

Locals have expressed their concern over incomplete pre-monsoon works and pathetic condition of road in the locality and sought Tellapur Municipal Authorities to re-open the passage as early as possible.

They notified that almost a month back some pipe laying work was carried out and since then the road is closed. Due to this, the commuters are forced to take narrow one way, which is posing a serious threat and may cause accident during peak hours.

A Data Science analyst Lalit told that the one way has been shut for the motorists forcing vehicular to bear the congestion and he has expressed his concerned over delaying in re-opening the passage as it may add to motorists sufferings or cause accidents in case of heavy rain.

“It has been around one month or more by closing the passage, due to this traffic moving on the one way. It may be risking at merging point during the peak hours and chances of accident happening is very high at night times. If it rains the situation may bad to worse for daily commuters,’’ said, Lalit, a Data Science Analyst from the Tellapur area.

A Vendor Srinivas of the same locality drew attention towards a pile of mud and slushy road and said that nobody take note of the problem of the people heading towards different places including Srilingampally and Ramchanddrapura.

“It has been over a month since then the road is closed and no one come to see the problem being faced by the motorists on this busy road,’’ said, one of the vendor Srinivas.

Tellapur is located between Srilingampally and Ramchandrapuram where people have to visit different places passing through this way.

According to Tellapur Municipality the SW drain work had not been completed yet and would take time further.

“The laying of SW Drain work is not yet completed. Also, it need to relay the road. It will take some time,” clarified, Tellapur Municipality authority.


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