Telangana:Haj Pilgrim from Mahbub Nagar district, dies in Mecca 

ByVoiceup Media

Jun 27, 2023

A Haj pilgrim from Mahbub Nagar district died in Saudi Arabia. Officials from Telangana State Haj Committee (TSHC) informed in a press released.  

According to the deails, Haj pilgrim Md. Shamsheer Pasha bearing Cover No. TSF-1586-2-0 died in King Faisal Hospital, Macca, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on June 25 June, 2023 during Dialysis. 

“After his both Kidney failure his was put on dialysis in King Faisal Hospital, Macca. Also, he was a heart patient. He was from Mahabub Nagar district,” stated, in press note of TSHC.

Md. Saleem Chairman, Telangana State Haj Committee expressed his condolence on the demise of Md. Shamsheer Pasha. The funeral was in Shariya Graveyard. For more details Contact on 9948154784.


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