Hyderabad: Foreign Scholarship delay adds to parents and students woes; sought CM KCR to intervene

ByVoiceup Media

Jun 26, 2023

Long-awaited overseas scholarship for the parents and applicants have now become a distant dream. The lack of interest and apathy of the concerned authorities has been a matter of concern for them.

They are reportedly forced to make rounds of the offices for the last two years, and except hollow words nothing has been done to address the problem.

According to the details, scores of applicants-2021-22 claimed to have not been received monetary aid till now from the State Government. Though, the  applications have been approved; despite this, the fund is not being reportedly released.

“My son went to the US for persuing Master in 2021, and his scholarship has been sanctioned at that time only and now he is about to complete his study there. The delay in releasing fund has been a matter of concern for us. If we fail to remit his fee then he may not get the certificates,” An applicant’s Mohammed Abdul Haseeb’s, mother from Begumpet expressed her concern over the delay in releasing fund.

Another person from Misrigunj Mohammed Uzair told that they had to take a loan for sending his brother to London in 2021, and all the formalities had been completed for the scholarship, but there is no fund released yet.

“We had to take loan to send my brother to London for his study with a hope that the Government financial support would ease our debt burden. Unfortunately, we have to arrange money for his study and accomodation everytime. I still remember that the authorities had even informed us about my brother’s application approval for overseas. but, it has been weeks, months despite this there is no one appears to clarify as to why being taken so much for releasing fund,” Mohammed Uzair, from Misrigunj told Voiceup Media.

 Prof. Mohammed Ansari, retired Head & Chairman Department of Linguistic Osmania University finds fault with the system saying that improper mechanism being adopted in fund releasing in overseas scholarship should be amended.

He wanted Government to make its clear first whether the fund would be released or not on time.

“Once the application is listed the fund should allocated and released as early as possible. It would be helpful for the candidates and keeping someone waiting will of course add to his/her worries. In case of delay and under processing method may led applicants worry and they may concentra on their studies,” said, Prof. Mohammed Ansari.

Shabbir Ali, other parent from Nacharam told that the application of his son Muzzam Ali for foreign scholarship had applied in 2021 but still showing pending. He met political leaders and concerned authorities to help him out in overseas scholarship for his son.

“I have met political party leaders and offical concern so many times with a request to assist me in this regard. Also, all the necessary documents have been submitted but the application status still showing pending,” Shabbir Ali told VM, whose son Muzzamil Ali persuing MSC Business Psychology in HERIOT WATT University, UK.

The parents, however, requested Government of Telangana to look into the matter and ensure releasing of the fund without any further delay.








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