Shaheen Group of Institutions Honors Top Achievers of NEET 2023

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Jun 24, 2023
Hyderabad, June 23: Sensible medical graduates with compassionate hearts is the need of the nation, said Chairman and founder of Shaheen Group of Institutions Dr. Abdul Khadeer. Speaking during a felicitation program organized to felicitate NEET 2023 achievers, he said “medical graduates have the most important role to play as a slight misstep could be the difference between life and death.

He was addressing students aspiring a career in medicine. The NEET 2023 results have showcased the exceptional talent nurtured by Shaheen Group, with nearly 130 students securing more than 600 marks.

Shaheen Group, under the visionary leadership of Dr. Abdul Khadeer, is eyeing free MBBS seats for at least 600 of its NEET students in top institutions across the state and country this year. The group has a remarkable track record of helping hundreds of students secure free seats in MBBS, BDS, and MHMS courses in government and private medical colleges. Some students have even embarked on their educational journey at prestigious institutions like AIIMS (Kerala and Bhopal) through the group’s various branches across India.

Dr Khadeer also announced scholarships to boost the morale of aspiring NEET students in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. The educational group will provide up to 100% scholarship for students who have secured more than 375 marks in NEET 2023 and up to 50% scholarship for students with marks above 300 and less than 375.

He commended the exceptional achievements of the students and emphasized the importance of their dedication and hard work. He said “education needs dedication and a distraction-free system. He lamented the diminishing values of early to bed and early to rise among Gen Z and attributed it as one of the reasons for poor performance of such students.”

Established in 1989 with a modest beginning of just 17 students at its Bidar campus, Shaheen Group of Institutions has grown to accommodate over 20,000 students across different educational courses. It boasts 61 campuses across Telangana State, Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, among others. In Hyderabad, the group has branches at Malakpet, Charminar, Aramghar, Tolichowki, and Moinabad.

Headquartered in Karnataka, Shaheen Group is a renowned education conglomerate providing KG to PG education to over 20,000 students across its 61 campuses throughout India. The Bidar campus, in particular, symbolizes love and brotherhood among students of different faiths, fostering an inclusive and harmonious learning environment. Regardless of their faith or religion, students at Shaheen Group have consistently excelled academically, reflecting the institution’s commitment to excellence.

Shaheen Group’s unique pedagogy, including policies such as no mobile phones or bikes on campus and an Academic Intensive Care Unit, has proven highly effective in supporting students’ academic disciplines while nurturing their moral values and fostering a sense of camaraderie. The institution’s ideals have garnered widespread appreciation, resulting in an increasing number of non-Muslim families choosing to enroll their children in Shaheen institutions.

During the challenging times of the Covid-19 pandemic, Shaheen Group extended its support to families by offering free NEET coaching to students. Additionally, the institution provides bridge courses for Huffaz (memorizers of the Holy Quran) and offers free education and NEET coaching to deserving students from financially challenged backgrounds. One such student, Yasin Ali, defied all odds by securing high marks in NEET. Despite working as a waiter at a function hall to fund his coaching during the day, Yasin Ali’s determination and hard work caught the attention of the institution’s management, who waived off his entire fee and provided him with intensive coaching. Yasin Ali’s success story exemplifies the transformative impact of Shaheen Group’s free coaching, enabling students to achieve remarkable results and secure seats in reputed medical colleges.

Shaheen Group of Institutions continues to be at the forefront of educational excellence, empowering students and shaping their futures.

Educationist and activist Dr Mohd Abdul Rafeeq, Chairman Shining Stars Education and Research Foundation Shaik Iqbal Mohammed, RBD Working President Telangana Anil Kumar Patil, Kalyana Karnataka Education Society President Basawakumar Patil, and others were also present on this occasion.

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