“Ethical Practice Most Important for Medical Professionals,” DIG Intelligence To NEET Achievers

ByVoiceup Media

Jun 24, 2023

 Hyderabad: “Ethical practice is of paramount importance for medical professionals”, said DIG Intelligence Security Wing Tafseer Iqbal IPS, while addressing to a gathering at felicitation  programme was organised by Shaheen Group on Friday Night. 

He emphasized that its value extends beyond monetary gains.Drawing from his personal connection as the son of a distinguished doctor, he highlighted the paramount importance of serving humanity as the primary mission for medical professionals. 

Founder and Chairman of Shaheen Group Dr. Abdul Khadeer, Director Abdul Samad and other distinguished guests were also present on this occasion. 

Addressing the gathering, the former Khammam Police Commissioner emphasized the significance of ethical practice and the noble duty of doctors to serve humanity. He shared insightful anecdotes from his father’s experiences as a veteran doctor and highlighted the essential role of compassion in the medical profession. 

DIG ISW commended the exceptional achievements of the students and urged them to become beacons of inspiration for society, their communities, and the country. 

He emphasized that education should empower individuals to introspect, rectify flaws, and contribute to the greater good of society.  “The purpose and meaning of education is to know oneself, introspect the flaws, rectify them and use one’s persona for the greater good of the society”, he said while urging students to be mindful of the rights of the family members, neighbours, the society and the locality. 

Tafseer Iqbal praised the commitment of Shaheen Group in providing quality education and nurturing excellence among its students.

Founder and Chairman of Shaheen Group Dr. Abdul Khadeer said that the group has a remarkable track record of assisting hundreds of students in obtaining free seats in MBBS, BDS, and MHMS courses in both government and private medical colleges. 

“This year, Shaheen Group aims to secure free MBBS seats for more than 600 NEET students in top institutions across the state and country this year,” said, Abdul Khadeer, Chairman Shaheen Group.

“With over 3500 successful placements in various private and government medical colleges across the state, the institution has transformed the lives of many, including academically challenged students and those from financially disadvantaged backgrounds,” he added.


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