Telangana: Garden View Waqf Complex cries for attention

ByVoiceup Media

May 21, 2023

Garden View Waqf Complex abutting Haj House, Nampally has been crying for attention past several years, except hollow words nothing has been done to protect and complete the construction of the structure.

Apathy of the concerned authorities and accumulation of water inside the cellar has been a matter of concern. However, many complaints and representations have been made to the officials concerned to drain out water from the cellar, but no corrective steps taken.

Presently, the cellar has turned into a cesspool, and a breeding groud for the mosquitoes. The intending Haj Pilgrims are going to be accomodated in the structure, in an unhealthy ambience.

The matter, however, was brought to the notice of GHMC, Telangana State Haj Committee and Telangana State Waqf Board to take immediate note of the unhygienic conditions inside the Garden View Waqf Complex before accomodating to Haj Pilgrims.

Osman Bin Mohammed Alhajri, leader Congress drew attention towards sorry state of the building and its cellar.

” Camps are going to be conducted inside the complex for Haj Pilgrims. The foundation of the structure with accumulation of the water posing a serious threat. The problem is persist for the last 10 years; despite this no proper initiatives have been taken to address the issue,” said, Osman Bin Mohammed Alhajri, leader congress party.


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