“Madrassa Students to be screened & health card issued,” Helping Hand Foundation

ByVoiceup Media

May 17, 2023

The World Health Organization (WHO), has mandated that Health Justice & Universal Health Coverage can be achieved when essential health care services are taken as close as possible to the vulnerable sections of the community.

“In line with this mandate, ‘HHF-SEED’ run Primary Health Care centers, have been setting up Health centers in the remotest parts of the city mainly the urban slums, then after doing so, we are ‘mapping’ key stake holders in the catchment area of each of it ’12’ Health Centers,” stated, in a HHF press note.

It also notified that Madrasas, Government Schools, Orphanages, Old Age Homes, Masajids, Temples, Churches, would be mapped to each of its health center to establish a connect with these groups for health screening, assessment, treatment and follow ups  free of cost.

“Presently, HHF has mapped 40 madrasas in the catchment area of Rajendaranagar & the 1st batch of 50 students have been screened for Anemia, skin diseases, Eye check up and dental, all these are commonly found in our children, usually deprived of essential nutrition & basic health,” added in the press released.

The screening was done at ‘Rabia Miskin Clinic’ attached to Masjid Mohammed Mustafa in Wadi e Mehmood, Rajendaranagar.

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