Hyderabad: Man injured in knife attack at Zaba Bagh area, seeks justice


May 16, 2023

A man was seriously injured on Saturday after being attacked by a customer at Zeba Bagh area under Asifnagar Police Station limits.

Rashool Mohammed Khan aka Jhangir said that he had been running an eatery centre for the past several years in the locality, but never faced such incident.

 He was reportedly targeted by a customer without any reason and it had been revealed before the police by the customer (attacker) that his intention was to kill him, but Rasool Mohammed Khan luckily managed to escape with hand injury.

 “I have been running Hotel-cum-Pan Shop at Zeba Bagh area for the last 37-years. But I didn’t happen to see such kind of a man in the past, whose intention was to kill me. He revealed it before the investigation officers that as to why did he attacked me? He claimed that I abused him a week age, but the man came to know that he had moved to Hyderabad just 5 days ago. I seek justice and stern actub against the attacker, who tried to dominate local people by targeting me with baseless allegations,’’ said, Rasool Mohammed Khan, a owner, Hotel & Pan Shop.

The Asifnagar Police, however, registered a case and investigation is underway.

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