Telangana: A private hospital uses ‘FeviKwik’ to seal wound rather than stitching of a boy’s head injury, complaint lodged


May 6, 2023

In a shocking incident reported at Jogulamba Gadwala District in Telangana State, wherein a private hospital staff allegedly used ‘FeviKwik’ to seal wound of a boy’s head injury rather than stitching .

The doctor and medical staff faced relatives ire over the irresponsible and negligent manner used to treat a wounded boy in the hospital.

A seven-year-old boy was taken to the hospital by Vamsikrishna and Sunitha, a couple from Raichur District, Karnataka, who had come to attend a function. The boy slipped and received a deep head injury while playing outside the house. 

The boy, however, was shifted to the hospital wherein instead of giving the stitches used ‘FeviKwik’ to seal the injury. The negligent doctor and medical staff were silent on the question raised over the treatment method adopted to seal the wound. 

 A complaint has been lodged against the hospital authorities and demanded stern action against them.


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