High level inquiry is being sought into the KMR India Homes Pvt Ltd scandal 

ByVoiceup Media

May 4, 2023

Scores of KMR India Homes Privat Limited victims along with Amjed Ullah Khan, Spokesman, MBT met Anjani Kumar, Director General of Police Telangana and submitted a memorandum seeking protection of plots buyers.

According to the details, more than 400 families to the tune of Rs 300 Crores have been cheated who are having Registered & Notarized Documents including payment slips who bought plots in different ventures in Chowderguda Village in Narkhoda Gram Panchayat of Shamshabad Mandal in Ranga Reddy District are not being allowed by Pattedars to construct their houses claiming that Mohammed Moosa Siddiqui has not given them total amount and in some cases the local Sarpanch’s are demanding Rs 1.0 lakhs to allow them construct their houses.

Amjedullah Khan brought to the notice of DGP that when the buyers approach  Shamshabad Police Station neither their complaint is being taken nor any case is being registered.

“if payment was not done how come the pattedars have done registry and why the plot buyers should give Rs 1.0 lakhs to local Sarpanch’s to construct houses. This issue was going before the murder of Mohammed Moosa Siddiqui on Feb 7, 2023 and the situation was same no help was provided to victims from Police,” said, MBT spokesperson.

Mr Khan alleged that by seeing Ministers, MP’s & MLA’s presence on stage during KMR India Homes Private Limited functions and photos of Mohammed Moosa along with them, the public was fooled to buy plots in different ventures since 2015-16 and no Government agency alerted the public representatives not to share dais or attend functions as hundreds of people were being cheated in buying plots.

It was also brought to the notice of DGP Telangana that some Government and FTL lands were sold and registration was done with help of some Revenue, Municipal and Registration Department officials involvement which also has to be probed.

Mr Khan said majority buyers are from Muslim Community and are resident of Old City of Hyderabad who has been duped & cheated.

“The matter was also brought to the notice of DGP that entire family of Mohammed Moosa Siddiqui was involved in his business and agreements and payment slips were given by them till Mohammed Moosa Siddiqui died and how come deceased family members say that they can’t help the victim’s now even when they are still enjoying on assests and properties left by Mohammed Moosa,” added, Amjedullah Khan.

Mr Khan requested the DGP that all his family members should be questioned and assests freezed so that those not given plots but having Notarized Documents and Payment Slips be given their money back auctioning Mohammed Moosa assests and a strict warning should be given to Pattedar’s and Sarpanch’s not to stop or demand money from Registered plot owners when they construct their houses.

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