“Adani and Pulwama issues may add to Centre woes,’’ Satyapal Malik.


Apr 25, 2023

Satyapal Malik, Ex-Governor, Jummu & Kashmir came out with clarifications over the certain issues, and refuted Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s allegations that he had spoken out against the Central Government only after the expiry of his tenures as Governor.

“I respect Amith Shahji and I don’t want get into any argument with him, but I had spoken over Pulwama and Farmer issues, while I was serving as Governor. I was told by PM Modi and National Security Advisor to remain mum over the matter,’’ reiterated, Satyapal Malik, during a press conference held in Sikar District of Rajasthan.

He says that the government was in a mood to privatize farm sector and army recruitment process in the country. “The Government plans to make farm sector as an unprofitable one while the army recruitment process may be same as an Agniveers so as to could keep the farmers and youths stay away from these sectors and they could easily hand them over to corporate sectors,’’ he claimed.

Satyapal Malik further said that Pulwama and Adani issues may add to Government of India’s woes and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is yet to clarify over these matters.

“Presently, Adani and Pulwamma issues may be worrying or cause to add Centre’s woes and PM Modi is yet to clarify on these issues,’’ said, Ex-Governor of Jammu & and Kashmir. It was also said  that National Media’s important and top officials were called by PMO and asked them not flash or publish regarding Pulwama attack.

Satyapal Malik clarified over CBI summon that it was an old case and the Agency sought his assistance related to a case. “I was not called by CBI and I was just asked to be at my home to have details in another case,’’ he added.


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