“Will abolish unconstitutional reservation for Muslims in Telangana, if BJP comes to power,’’ Amith Shah


Apr 24, 2023

The Union Home Minister Amit Shah, on Sunday said that if the BJP comes to power in Telangana then it would revoke reservations for the Muslims.  Addressing to a public meeting held at Chevella in the outskirts of Hyderabad termed the Muslim reservation as a religion based and unconstitutional.

“if the BJP forms government in Telangana then the unconstitutional reservations for Muslims will be revoked,’’ said, Union Home Minister, Amit Shah, while addressing to a public gathering at Chevealla.

Taking strong exception against the BRS Government Amith Shah claimed that the countdown for the BRS regime has begun and the BJP will emerge victorious with a huge majority.

“The countdown for the end of an 8-9-year long corrupt KCR regime has begun.  BJP will surely form the government here with a huge majority in the next election,’’ claimed, Union Home Minister during the rally.

He alleged t hat Chief Minister K.Chandrashekar Rao has reportedly made the State as his family ATM.

“Telangana Liberation Day will not be celebrated as KCR follows his own agenda. After the formation of BJP Government here we will celebrate Telangana Liberation Day for the whole world to see,’’ added,’’ Amit Shah in the rally.

The Union Home Minister alleged that KCR Government allegedly ruined the future of youths by leaking papers and youths were facing injustice in Telangana.


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