Biryani-Rice washing in toilets caught in camera, Customers demand action |Siddipet


Apr 23, 2023

A video appeared on social media showing some customers were angry with the waiters and seeking clarification from them as why to the Biryani-Rice was being washed in the toilets.

The incident reportedly has taken place at Sony_Restaurant situated in Siddipet, where the Restaurant owner had to face customer’s ire over the mater. At that time, the matter was taken seriously by the visitors and uploaded the video on Social Networking sites.

One of the employees or concerned from the Restaurant was seen in the video explaining about it that there was not water supply outside the Restaurant, due to this the Rice was being washed in the toilets.

The matter, however, was brought to the notice of the concerned authorities and demanded immediate action against the Restaurant owner, and others who are involved in this is act.

 When the video surfaced on the tweeter many have taken strong exception against the Sony_Restaurant, Siddipet and demanded immediate closure of it.

The questions are being raised on the services being provided for the customer in the hotels, restaurants and eatery centres. 


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