“Lack of facilities at Old-Hafeezpets’ Government School led over 300-Urdu Medium students to drop their study,’’


Apr 20, 2023

Lack of facilities, poor infrastructure and shifting of an Urdu-Medium School drove an over 300 students to drop their study at Old-Hafeezpet area under Srilingampally Constituency. The matter, however, claimed to have brought to the notice of the local leaders and concerned authorities, but nothing has been done. The problem reportedly persists for the last 10 years; despite several requests no inspection and nothing initiatives were taken yet.

The absence of Urdu-Medium Government School at Old-Hafeezpet area peeves the parents most and they have been seeking Government of Telangana to take immediate note of the issue and intervene in the matter. Local leaders and officials concerned reportedly have been informed many times about the problems being faced by Telugu and Urdu Medium students, but no steps have been taken.

Old Hafeezpet’s school

Mohammed Imran Ahmed, leader, AIMIM from Hafeezpet told Voiceup Media that the pathetic condition of the school building and poor infrastructure has been a matter for concern for many parents due to this they (parents) hesitate to send their children to the school. He further notified that over 300 Urdu-Medium students have reportedly been dropped their study due to the sudden shifting of their school from Old-Hafeezpet to New Hafeezpet.

“Nobody appears serious towards a Government school and students problems, which needs immediate attention. Poor facilities and infrastructure in the school force parents to hold back their children. The problem persists for the last 10 years and we have requested all the concerned officials and local leaders to at least inspect once to find out the fact and the problems being faced by the students here. Apart from this, over 300 students from the same school have dropped their study due to the shifting of their school from Old-Hafeezpet to New Hafeezpet.  Despite this, no one is in a mood to heed toward this issue and respite students from their difficulties,’’ Mohammed Imran Ahmed, leader, AIMIM Hafeezpet told Voiceup Media.

According to sources, many Urdu-Medium Schools under Srilingampally have been shut and only Telugu Medium Schools are operational. The Government, however, was requested to look into the matter and solve students’ problems at Old-Hafeezpet.

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