Hyderabad: Muslim cab driver beaten at Lal Darwaza area, injured |Watch video


Apr 16, 2023

A Muslim cab driver was beaten up badly by a group of people at Lal Darwaza area in the old city of Hyderabad on Saturday night.

The driver, who was on the way to Uppuguda after dropping  an IT employee at Lal Darwaza area; where he was stopped and abused by a unknown person over petty matter and called his friends to beat up the driver.

The driver, however, dialed-100 twice and sough police help during the brawl. But, police reportedly failed to reach at the spot, but the others came and fled by attacking the driver. As a result, the driver has been wounded and shifted to Osmania General Hospital.

“I was attacked by a group of three or more people at Lal Darwaza area around 8: PM and even I sought police help but they did not arrive. The matter of the fact is that I was heading towards Uppuguda after dropping an IT employee at Lal Darwaza area where unknown biker passed through with using objectionable and provocative words against the community people. I asked why he was abusing me and my community then he stopped me and called his friends. Afterward, they starting beating me up badly,’’ narrated, driver who was injured in the attack.

The police, however, taken a complaint filed by the driver and investigation is on.

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