Three injured after a group of youths attacked and vandalized shops at Sabzimandi Karwan under Kulsumpura Police Station Limits. |Watch Video

ByVoiceup Media

Apr 13, 2023

At least three people have been injured and shops were vandalized at Sabzimandi Karwan under Kulsumpura Police Station Limits on Wednesday night.

According to the details, some lady customers had purchased a belt priced at Rs 100 from a shop and forgot to give money. When the shopkeeper asked money, they (lady customers) claimed to have give the money. when the CCTV cameras were checked then lady customers claimed proved wrong.

Despite this, the female customers reportedly argued with shopkeeper and left. Afterward,a group of youths rushed inside the shops and started beating up workers and owners.

As a result, three workers have been wounded in the attack and Ramdan stock clothes & footwear were damaged.

Kulsumpura Police, however, registered a case and investigation is on. 




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