New Delhi:  Portion of a mosque was demolished at Bengali Market


Apr 12, 2023

A portion of decades old Mosque and Islamic Seminary was demolished by New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) officials at Bengali Market. The move taken by NDMC officials is largely denounced among Muslims and is being considered as an Anti-Muslim.

The demolition of Islamic Seminary video is being circulated on Social Media and the people from different states have expressed their views over the action. The Mosque Authorities said that demolition was carried out without any intimation or prior notice.

“The authorities from New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) along with heavy police personnel landed outside the mosque early in the morning and started pulling down the structure without any notice or clarification,’’ Hafiz Matloob Karim, General Secretary of the Mosque Committee told Media.

According to the mosque committee there were about 20 children inside the mosque at the time of demolition and all of them rushed outside. “Over 100 children, mostly underprivileged and poor families are studying and staying at Madrasa operating from the mosque premises. Free accommodation and food is provided to the students and now their rooms have been demolished,’’ said, Hafiz Matloob Karim.

The officials, however, claimed that it was part of anti-encroachment drive as a regular one.

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