Muslim worshippers were attacked during Taraweeh prayers in Haryana |Watch Video


Apr 10, 2023

At least nine worshippers have been injured after a group of youths from other community has entered into a mosque and attacked the Muslims while offering Taraweeh Prayers. The incident took place at Sandal Kalan Village of Sonipat in Haryana State on Sunday night.

Mohammed Kausar, Imam of the Mosque told Media that the youths from other community with sticks landed in the mosque and started beating the worshippers while they were offering Taraweh Prayers, as a result nine people including women have been wounded in the attack.

The victims said that  men, women and even children were not spared by the attackers inside the mosque who tried stop them and managed to leave the place.

 “Around 5-10 youths from Hindu Community entered the Masjid and started beating us while we were busy in offering Taraweeh prayers. We don’t have any issue and even don’t why we have been attacked by them. The women were also beaten up badly, who tried to defend the worshippers in the mosque,’’said, Mohammed Kausar, Imam of the Masjid, who was attacked by the mob.

The attack on worshippers during Taraweeh prayers has triggered anger among the Muslim Community and demanded immediate action against the troublemakers. The injured have been shifted to the hospital for the treatment and a case has been registered and investigation is on.

Sateesh Balan, Sonipat Police Commissioner, said that six people have received serious injuries in the incident and they have lodged a complaint against 19 people 19 people while 18 of them name in the complaint.

It is said that such attacks on Muslim has been routine and being reported from different parts of the country. The attackers are reportedly let off that lead them to encourage and repeat the offence.

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