Hyderabad: Bad roads & overflowing drains add to residents’ woes during holy-fasting month of Ramzan


Apr 10, 2023

The pathetic condition of the roads and frequent overflowing drains has been a matter of concern for the old city residents.  Despite making several complaints, no proper initiatives are taken to address their problems permanently, which is causing to add their woes during this holy month of Ramzaan.

The problems are being faced by the residents in the localities including AlijahKota, Hafizbaba Nagar, Kalapathar, Rahmathpura, Himmathpura and in other localities. People also have fed up by making complaints and facing problems in those areas.

“The authorities are well-aware about the problems being faced by us here. But they fail to solve the issues permanently, due to this we have to suffer a lot over and over again. We want the officials to come out with corrective steps and plan to resolve the problems permanently,” complained, Wajid, one of the resident from Alijahkotla

People face inconvenience due to dug up roads in old city

Mohammed Ahmed, TDP, GHMC, Minority Vice-President told Voiceupmedia that the residents were being faced immense problems due to the dug up & damaged roads as well as overflowing drains in front of the religious places in certain localities.

He alleged that several complaints had been made and the matter was brought to the notice of concerned authorities many time, but except hollow words nothing correctively done to respite people from the problems.

 “I frequently make complaints through tweeters and make phone calls to official concerned; but we don’t why the authorities fail to take immediate note of the problems being faced by the people. During this holy month of Ramzan, overflowing drains and sorry state of the roads are  causing much inconvenience to everyone in the localities. We kindly request Government of Telangana to intervene in the matter and ask authorities to solve the problems permanently,’’ said, Mohammed Ahmed, TDP, GHMC, Minority Vice-President.   

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