Hi-Tech City Surroundings: Sewage water flows freely into Anjaihnagar graveyard |Watch Video


Apr 9, 2023

Hyderabad: Visitors at the Anjaihnagr Muslim graveyard shocked to see sewage water flowing into the ground, which is located hardly at a few distance away from Gachibowli and comes under Srilingampally constituency.

The sight of filth and stench emanating from the area has angered local people, who have asked for immediate intervention from the concerned authorities. “The scene of accumulated sewage water inside the graveyard has left many visitors in anger,’’ One of the residents told Voiceup Media.

Those visiting the graves of their loved ones found the dirty water and foul smell too much to handle and the left the place as early as possible. Some visitors also recounted similar instances in the past and said that they made several complaints to concerned authorities, but nothing has been done to address the issue.

“My relatives were buried here, so, I generally visit the place to pay my respect and offer flowers on my loved ones graves. But with sewage water flowing into the graveyard, deeply hurt our sentiments,’’ said, one of the visitors Chand told Voiceup Media.

Shaik Khaja Hussain, AIMIM party Serilingampally Constituency President, told Voiceup Meida that the matter was brought to the notice of the MLA and officials concerned, but proved futile and no initiatives were  taken to resolve the matter.

AIMIM leader inspects the graveyard

“On the instruction of Barrister Assaduddin Owaisi Sahab, I inspected Anjainnagar Muslim graveyard, wherein the situations is very worst as the sewage water freely entered into the graveyards. No one appears serious to take note of the prevailing situation in the locality and problems being faced by the residents. Though, the matter was brought to the notice of officials several times to resolve the issue but no initiatives have been taken yet,’’ said, Shaik Khaja Haussain, AIMIM party Serilingampally Constituency President.

Locals further complained that residents’ problems were not being taken into the consideration by the Leaders and Authorities, due to this they have to undergo many sufferings.


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