Hi-Tech City Surroundings: Old Hafeezpet graveyard land being encroached, TSWB yet to take action


Apr 9, 2023

Hyderabad: Many graveyards under Srilingampally Mandal are not spared by land Mafia and Telangana State Waqf Board (TSWB) yet to take action against them.

Despite several complaints to Telangana State Waqf Board (TSWB), no initiatives have reportedly been taken to safeguard the lands.

Almost 2 acres 8 gunttas burial ground situated in Old Hafeezpet at Sai Nagar was allegedly encroached and 3500 square yards is now left for the burial. Though, the matte was brought to the notice of TSWB to safeguard the land, but nothing has been done in this regard.

Wastage, Debris is being dumped on the land causing much inconvenience to the graveyard’s visitors. Angry locals told Voiceupmedia that Muslims issues were not being taken into consideration by the local leaders and concerned authorities despite many complaints and requests. 

“Almost land belong to graveyard been encroached and out of 2 acres 8 guntas has now left 3500 square yard for the burial. All possible efforts are being made to reclaim the encroached land. The local leaders including MLA and Corporator just appear during the poll campaigns in the localities and disappear. Now, ,nobody is seen to heed towards Muslim issues,’’ said, Affan Bin Nomaan, one of the residents from old Hafeezpet told Voiceup Media.

The Muslims in the locality have requested TSWB to intervene in the matter and come out with initiative to safeguard the land. 

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