VHP leader Sadhvi Prachi’s controversial statement, asks Muslim women to marry Hindu men. |Watch


Apr 8, 2023

Bareilly: Vishawa Hind Parishad far-right leader Sadhavi Prachi’s statement over Islamophobic has triggered a controversy in India. In her provocative and controversial statement, she has asked Muslim women to get marry with Hindu men to live heaven life.

She claims that Muslim women get suffered a lot wearing a black cloth (Burqa) all day long and in scorching heat. In fact, Prachi’s had to say that If Muslim woman gets marry to Hindu man would get all sort of facilities to lead happy and heaven life.

“If they (Muslim women) marry to Hindu men will get many facilities. Firstly, they will not have to wear Burqa (Abayya), Secondly; she will not have any kind of divorce or Halala in Hinduism. Already, anti-divorce law has been passed in the country by the PM Modi. If Muslim woman gets marry to Hindu men will live heaven life,’’ said, Sadhvi Prachi’ while talking to media in Bareilly of Uttar Pradesh.

Prachi’s statement is largely objected and denounced by the people from different communities and she was asked to introspect herself and justify with her own community’s women first. It may be mentioned here that making hate-speech against Muslim Community by far-right leaders in the country has been common routine and no corrective steps taken by the governments to stop hatemonger’s and create differences among the Nation.

Apart from this, Trishuls (tridents) have been distributed among hundreds of locals by far-right Bajrang Dal leaders in Sawai, Madhopur, and Rajasthan.


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