Palestine: Israeli forces launch air strike on Gaza strip


Apr 7, 2023

Following violent attack and raids inside Al-Aqsa Mosque the Israeli forces have now launched airstrike on Gaza strip. The videos of airstrike carried out by Israeli forces are emerging on social media.

Scores of men, women and children have been wounded in Israeli forces attack on Masjid-e-Aqsa on Wednesday and Thursday night. Several worshippers have been arrested and a boy was shot by the colonial settler in the old city of Jerusalem.

The escalations of the Israeli forces attacks on Palestinians are largely condemned in many countries and seek immediate action against the Israeli aggression and human rights violation with Palestinians in Jerusalem.

According to media reports, the airstrike was launched soon after Prime Minsiter Benjamin Netayahu video statement came to light in which he announced and declared to strike on the Gaza.

According to initial reports, multiple sites have been targeted in the missile strikes including agriculture land in Beit, Hanoun in the northern Gaza stirp, two sites south Gaza city, farmland east of the Al-Zaitoun neighbourhood  near Gaza city and a site of Khan Yonis in the southern Gaza strip.  


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