Patancheru: Three Muslim fruit sellers allegedly thrashed by Hindu right-wing group in Isnapur, one injured

ByVoiceup Media

Apr 5, 2023

A hindu right-wing group allegedly thrashed three Muslim fruit sellers in Isnapur, Patancheru one person seriously injured.

Amjed Ullah Khan, Spokesperson, MBT met with injured youths and inquired about the incident.

According to the details, Shaik Yaseen from Latur in Maharastra, who is staying along with families in Sangareddy for the last 10 years and sells fruit in every Ramzan.

On Tuesday, while he was busy with his business one person came and argued with him on fruits rates and started beating him.

After intervention of locality people the attacker ran away and within some time nearly 40-50 anti-social elements gathered there and started beating him and when his two brothers Shaik Hussain and Shaik Uzair intervened they were also beaten very badly.

“The attackers physically took Shaik Yaseen in jungle and tortured him for nearly 30 minutes and also forced him to drink Alcohol.The attack was in a mob lynching style,” said, Amjadullah Khan.

“I reached Patancheru and met the victim brothers and inquired with senior police officials and was shocked to see there is no Sec 307 (attempt to murder) is missing in FIR No: 231/2023 and there were more than 40-50 person’s in attack but police arrested only 3 person’s,” said, Amjed Ullah Khan (Spokesman) MBT

Mr Khan alleged that such type of activities are increasing day by day and police going soft on such anti-social elements.

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