Telangana: SSC question papers leak and missing of an answer sheet bundle, triggers panic among students


Apr 4, 2023

Telangana: Yet another SSC question paper leak and missing of an answer sheet bundle has become a matter of concern for the students and authorities.

For a second consecutive day on Tuesday, another question paper (Sub: Hindi), was reportedly went viral in a same way, which was disclosed on WhatsApp, at the first day of SSC exams.

Another SSC Paper leaked in Telangana

The questions are being raised and objected over the arrangements made for the conduct of the examinations in Telangana.

“The exposure of the question papers deeply hurt the sentiments of the students as well as we (parents) are also much concern over prevailing states. Question papers leaked has not only marred the preparation of the students but also upset those who are writing the exams,’’ said, one of the parents from Hyderabad and sought Government of Telangana to take immediate note of the matter and save the students academic-year.

While a missing bundle of an answer sheet (Telugu Exam), caused to add the students’ woes in Telangana and triggered anger among the parents. A bundle missing was reported by the Utnoor Post Office authorities and registered a police complaint. They came to know about the missing bundle when they were counting of the bundles and found one missing.

It may be mentioned here that three individual have been suspended involved in SSC question paper leakage by District School Education on Monday.

Education Minister Sabita Indra Reddy, said to have taken a serious note of the papers leaked and asked officials to lodge police complaints.

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