SSC paper leak: “Sabita Indra Reddy should resign on moral grounds,’’


Apr 4, 2023

Hyderabad: SIT probe and resignation of Sabita Indra Reddy is being sought by different political party leaders and social activists over SSC papers leak.

Mohammed Ahmed, TDP, GHMC, Minority vice-president, said that one after another paper leakage has exposed the failure of the authorities and sought CM KCR to intervene in the matter and remove Sabita Indra Reddy from Education Ministry post.

“SSC papers leakage is proving, as if, playing with the sentiments of the students’. Government of Telangana should take immediate note of it and remove Sabita Indra Reddy immediately. Also, Sabita Indra Reddy, itself should resign from her post on the moral grounds. SIT probe should be ordered and criminal cases be booked against those who are involved in papers leaked. Otherwise TDP will undertake protest against Education Minister in Telangana,’’ said, Mohammed Ahmed, TDP, leader.

Mohammed Asif Hussain Sohail, a social activist in his reaction on the papers leakage said that many educational institutions are reportedly involved in the episode to get their institutes in top list. SIT probe and removal of Commissioner and Director of School Education was also demanded by him.

“Education became a business and many institutions are involved in this, just to get their institutes in top list. So they can get good business and the matter should be probed by the SIT,’’ Asif Hussain Sohail told Voiceup Media.

Syed Mohsin, Congress leader, alleged that education minister has reportedly failed to make sure the smooth conduct of the examinations and sought her to step down.

“Telangana Education Minister appears to have completely failed to ensure the fair and transparent conduct of the examinations. The paper leakage may destroy the future of Telangana and it may prove costlier for many sincere and talented students. So, the government must take corrective measures to ensure peaceful conduct of the examinations’,’’ reacted, Syed Mohsin, leader, Congress.

It may be mentioned here that another SSC question paper has leaked on Tuesday on the same way.

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