‘Pappa-Ki-Haleem’: An innocent attempt of a boy helps his father a lot | Hyderabad


Apr 3, 2023

An idea of a 10-year-old boy has not only changed his father’s life but also is playing a key role in boosting their business. The boy has come out with a unique idea to draw public attention towards his father’s business, when there were no takers. 

Mohammed Adnan, 10-years-old boy made a video on ‘Pappa Ki Haleem’ being served for the customers at Motinagar, Borabunda in Hyderabad. Initially, there was poor customers response and found no takers to buy Haleem (Pappa Ki Haleem) at the cart.

When the video went viral, as if, proved to be a turning point in his life. The people began to enjoy ‘Pappa-Ki-Haleem’ at night. The boy’s innocent attempt is largely lauded and drew everyone’s attention towards him.

“My father was very much concern over customer’s poor response as there was no takers for Haleem. Then I decided to make a video to viral it and finally, did it so,’’ said, Mohammed Adnan, 10-years-old boy, whose attempt has done a great job.

Mohammed Ilyas, father of 10-years-old boy, who was struggling to sell Haleem at his Alhamdullilah Chicken Haleem cart. It was only source of income for the family members as the covid-wave has caused Ilayas to incur a huge loss.

On April 3, his 10-year-old son Adnan made a video ‘Pappa Ki Haleem’ and that’s proved a turning point in Ilya’s life. Scores of people including celebrities and YouTubers meet  and help him to boost the business. ‘Pappa Ki Haleem’ has now been added in the famous Haleem outlets across the city of Hyderabad.

Social Media is playing a key role in society to make someone rich and famous. It not only unfolds the truth but also change someone’s life overnight.

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