Hyderabad: Contaminated water supply and increasing water-plants in old city localities, raises eye brows |Watch


Apr 3, 2023

Hyderabad: Tap-water is now considered to be a hazardous and unsafe one for the residents in many old city localities.  Contaminated water supply and increasing water-plants, raises eye brows as in a span of time, many water-plants have come up at several places whether they authorized or illegally run, not sure.

However; a vast majority of the people goes for the filtered-water or will have to bottled-water rather than tap-water. As it is also feared that unmindfully consumption of the tap-water leads to hazardous and proving costlier for the children and elders.

Similarly, residents of Edi Bazaar and its surroundings in the old city alleged on Sunday that they have been receiving contaminated potable water supply for the last few days. The matter was immediately brought to the notice of the official concerned, but no corrective steps are taken to address the problem being faced by the people.

“Residents of Edi Bazar, opposite Khan Hotel & it’s surroundings in old city are receiving unhealthy and contaminated water, posing a serious health hazardous,’’ one of the residents told Voiceup Media from Edi Bazaar.

Mohammed Ahmed, TDP, GHMC, Minority vice-president tweeted and brought to the notice of concerned authorities about the hazardous water being supplied to the Edi Bazaar residents and requested them to resolve the issue immediately. 

Another resident from Mahboob Colony raised similar concerned saying that, unhygienic and polluted water being supplied in many localities, causing health issues. Due to this, they have to purchase potable water from outside.

 “It has been a matter of concerned for several people in the old city of Hyderabad as the contaminated and unsatisfactory potable water supply force people to buy it (filter-water) from outside. Due to this, unauthorized and illegal water plants are coming in many localities. Neither GHMC nor HMWSSB officials take note of the problem facing by the residents. There is no check on the increasing water plants and the water purity being sold among the public. Whether they are authorized or unauthorized, not known,’’ Sayeed, from Mahboob Colony told Voiceup media.


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