Hyderabad: Man falls into open manhole in old city, suffered injuries


Apr 2, 2023

A senior citizen suffered injuries on his legs, hands, head and chest after falling into an uncovered manhole at Chowk area in the old city of Hyderabad on Saturday night.

The incident happened when a senior citizen in his early 70s was on his way back home after Taraweeh prayers and suddenly fell into an open & uncovered drain at the Chowk area. The nearby shopkeepers and passersby rescued him immediately.

Locals complained that dug up road and open manholes have been much inconvenience to the people in the locality during this holy month of Ramzaan. The matter, however, was brought to the notice of the concerned authorities, but nothing has been done to respite people from the problem.

“After Taraweeh prayers, I was on my way back home suddenly this incident happened with me. I could not understand how I slipped into an open drain. I received injuries to my legs, hands, head and chest. I was helped out by the nearby people and pulled me out,’’ he said.

The authorities claimed that almost road laying work has been completed in the area and remaining a bit would be finished off soon.

Mohammed Ahmed, TDP, GHMC, Minority vice-president in his tweet message complained that the apathy of the concerned authorities led to another incident in old city.  He notified that a senior citizen fell into an open drain and suffered injuries. TDP leader held GHMC officials responsible for the incident reported in the locality.

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