Hajj-2023: 5278 pilgrims selected from Telangana for the Holy pilgrimage


Apr 2, 2023

Hyderabad, April 1: Md. Saleem, Chairman, TS Haj Committee and B. Shafiullah, Executive Officer, TS Haj Committee here on Saturday announced that 5278 pilgrims have been selected from Telangana for Hajj-2023.

The selected pilgrims in draw of lots (Qurrah) were asked to submit their respective original passports along with a photo copy, downloaded from Haj Application and declaration form, Medical Fitness Certificates of prescribed proforma of Haj Committee of India signed by Government.

“Medical officer or Government Doctor, Payment receipt of Rs. 81,800 each, with bank reference number generated online by Haj Committee of India. Two photos with clear white and background, Covid-19 Certificates and Bank details etc will have to submit before April 7, 2023,’’ stated in a press released.

The pilgrims, however, were also requested to get ready for the proceedings to be held in the month of June for Hajj-2023. It was also informed by the Hajj Committee that Hajj Training Camps would be organized separately in city and districts very soon.

“The Haj-Pilgrims may download their bank payment challan through online website www.hajcommittee.gov.in, State Bank of India or Union Bank of India. Further details about the next payment will be informed shortly,’’

Selected pilgrims for Hajj-2023 were also asked to submit their original passports at Telangana State Hajj Committee (TSHC) before April 10.

For more details can contact on 040-23298793 or visit official website www.hajcommittee.gov.in.

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