Congress demands Dalith Bandhu Like scheme for Muslims

ByVoiceup Media

Apr 1, 2023

The Congress Party demanded BRS party to ensure Dalith Bandhu Like scheme for Muslims in Telangana.

Speaking media, Congress leader, Feroz Khan, said that Muslims should be given Dalith Bandhu like scheme facility, as they are financially and economically weak. 

“I want CM KCR to introduce Muslim Bandhu scheme to help out economically weak Muslims in the State,” Feroz Khan, demanded.

He alleged that promises made by the Bhartiya Rashtra Samithi (BRS), Government were not fulfilled yet. The Muslims reportedly were duped by ruling party with false assurances.

“CM KCR duped Muslims by going back to his words. He had promised to give 12 percent Muslim reservation and jobs. However, nothing has been done in this regard,” Alleged, Congress leader.

Touching upon double-bed room scheme and minority loan Congress leader claimed BRS government has completely failed to fulfill promises made to Muslims in Telangana.

“I want the government to issue a white paper on double bedroom housing scheme and minority loan. It is nothing but a political drama to reap the benefits,” he added.

However, Congress leader Feroz Khan sought Government of Telangana to remember its promises made to the people.


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