Jalna: Muslim cleric beaten up and cut off his beard for refusing to chant Jai Shri Ram

ByVoiceup Media

Mar 29, 2023

 A Muslim cleric (Imam), who was reciting Quran at a mosque was beaten up badly and his beard was cut-off by the attackers for refusing to chant Jai Shri Ram at Anwa, in Jalna district of Maharashtra.

According to the details, Imam Zakir Sayyad Khawja was busy reciting holy quran inside the Masjid and in the meantime a group of men wearing Mask rushed to the Imam.

They insisted Imam to chant Jai Shri Ram and on refusing to chant J.S.R then they started beating Imam badly and cut off his beard.

It was informed that attackers used a chemical laced cloth to make him unconscious & cut off his beard.

The attackers fled from the spot and the neighbours found Imam unconscious and took him to hospital for the treatment.

Being the holy month of Ramzaan most of the Imam spend their times in the mosque to recite holy book (holy quran) so as it could be easy for them to lead Taraweeh prayers at night.

A complaint has been lodged against the attackers and sought immediate arrest of the persons involved in the attack.

When the matter came to light, Muslims across the country took to the social media and deplored over the incident.


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