Hyderabad: 10th Class student beaten up and forced to take drug injection in old city


Mar 27, 2023

A 10th Class student was reportedly beaten up and forced to take him a drug injection in the old city of Hyderabad on Sunday night. The matter came to light when he managed to escape and narrated the entire ordeal with his parents.

Shaik Altaf, resident of Jahanuma, 10th class student, told Media that after taraweeh prayers, he was picked up and taken to a house by some drug addict youths of the same locality. Atlaf was reportedly beaten up by them and forcibly tried to inject him. However, he managed to escape from there and informed to his parents about the matter.

“After Taraweeh prayers, I was taken to a house and started beating me up there along with other youths. They tried to inject me with a drug substance. I have nothing to do with them and even I do not know about their intention behind attacking me. but, it felt to met that they wanted me to become drug addicts,” disclosed, Shaik Altaf, while talking to media under Falaknuma Police Station Limit.

It was also complained that drug addict youths in the locality has been a matter of concern for the residents. They (residents) are being harassed at night times or will have to face such attack in case of any objection.

“My brother was picked up and beaten up without any reason. Not only this, they wanted to drug him forcibly, but he luckily managed to escape. We sincerely request Police Department to take immediate note of such attacks and eradicate drug menace from the localities,’’ requested, Altaf relatives.

Mohammed Ahmed, TDP, GHMC, Minority, Vice-President told Voiceup Media that drug addict youths became a serious threat to the residents and some time minor issues led to the killing of the innocent people in South Zone Police Limits.

“A special drive against medical stores must be undertaken to control over drug addict cases in the South Zone areas. Similar, cases have been reported in the past and due to them (drug addict youths) lead to the killing of innocent people. I kindly request Hyderabad Police to take stern action against drug addict youths who became a nightmare for the gullible people in old city of Hyderabad,’’ said, Mohammed Ahmed, TDP, leader.

A case has been registered by Falaknuma Police and investigation is on.


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