Hyderabad: Ramzan begins with first night of Taraweeh Prayers

ByVoiceup Media

Mar 24, 2023

A massive influx of worshippers performed first Taraweeh prayers at different mosques of Hyderabad on Thursday night.

A large crowd of worshippers was seen in and outside historical Mecca Masjid for Taraweeh prayers. 

Elaborate security arrangements have been made by the Hyderabad Police to ensure smooth conduct of the festivals in the old city of Hyderabad.

Ramzaan,the 9 month of the Islamic Calendar, is one of the most sacred times for the Muslims. The Muslims observe strict daily fast from dawn to dusk.

They abstain from eating, drinking during the whole day. The fast is broken at sunset with fruits called Iftar, generally shared among family and neighbours.

Many gather after nightfall in the mosque for special prayers called Taraweeh. Apart from this, many Muslims go to the Masjid and spend several hours for praying.

Apart from five daily prayers that are part of the core of Islam, Muslims attend a special Taraweeh prayers at night.






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