Saudi Arabia: Taraweeh prayers performed at Grand Mosque in Mecca 

ByVoiceup Media

Mar 23, 2023

Thousands of Muslim performed on Wednesday night the first Taraweeh prayers at the Grand Mosque in Mecca on the first night of the holy month of Ramzan.

Muslims from different countries including India moved Grand Mosque to perform Umrah and spend the holy fasting month in Mecca.

Men, Women and Children offered Taraweeh Prayers and performed Umrah. A huge crowd of worshippers was seen after Taraweeh prayers in Mecca.

The holy fasting month of Ramzab began today in Middle East and Indian Muslim will offer first Tarweeh Prayer tonight in  various mosques.

The Cresent moon was not sighed on Wednesday night and fasting will start from Friday on March 24. More than a million Muslims, observe fasting from dawn to dusk and offer Taraweeh prayers at night.



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