Hyderabad: “World Water-Day is celebrated, but the quality of it does not check,” residents

ByVoiceup Media

Mar 22, 2023

A vast majority of the people in the old city of Hyderabad and its surroundings prefer filter-water, due to unsatisfactory quality and alleged contaminated supply to certain localities.

The tenants either have to boil it to drink or will have to buy from the outside. Many have expressed anger and raised questions on the poor water quality and complained that tap water proving costlier for the children and elders. 

“World Water Day is celebrated, keeping people at bay and it should have been observed among general public, then it would have been come to known to the authorities about the fact of potable water quality. Many residents receive contaminated water and it stinks. So, how can someone use or drink it ? that’s why, we have to buy the water from outside,” said, Imtiyaz from Shaheen Nagar.

Unseasonal & unexpected rain and unsatisfactory water supply has been a matter of concern for the residents. Men, Women, Children and elders frequently fall sick and raise eye brows on the water quality.

“Many infants and children below 10-years catch cold, cough and fever that lasts at least 15 days more. No one take note of it and many complaints have been made to official concerned but nothing has been done,” complained, another Osman from Asifnagar mandal.

Syed Mohsin, leader, AICC told Voiceupmedia that water is playing good and bad role in the localities. The high-rise buildings came up in many areas, but lack of water, upset tenants and force them  to purchase it from outside.

“Many water plants have come up in the localitis and its sale is also in great demand. Despite having potable water supply to the households; the people prefer filter-water. Because, the poor quality of supply and consumption of it creating health issues,” said, Syed Mohsin, Congress leader.

In fact, unhealthy atmosphere and unsatisfactory water supply to the households, not only upset residents but cause to add their woes in many parts of Hyderabad.


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