Telangana: Mild tremors felt in Asifabad, citizens’ rush out of their homes


Mar 21, 2023

Mild tremors that lasted for few seconds were felt in certain parts of the Asifabad including Chintalamanepalli, Koutala, Bejjur Mandals on Tuesday.

According to the details, the residents rushed out of their homes, when they feel tremors for few seconds and moved to open and safer places.

Asifabad’s three Mandals Chintalamanepalli, Koutala, Bejjur exit on the banks of Pranahita River, a Tributary of Godavari bordering of Maharashtra State. 

Apart from this, Gadchiroli District of Maharashtra also felt mild tremors of the earthquake for a while. However, no casualty and no damage was reported in the incident.

“Mild tremors were felt in the localities today. Initially, we assumed that the tremors were a result of rock breaking and blasting. But, we had to leave homes immediately and rushed to open places,’’ said, the residents.

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