Ramzan preparations are in full-swing in the old city of Hyderabad


Mar 21, 2023

Hyderabad: Barely a couple of days away from Ramzan, Muslims in the old city of Hyderabad began preparing for the holy month to observe fasting and feasting, brisk business and charity.

Mosques across the city have been painted and whitewashed, decorated with colorful lights and special arrangements are being made in the historical Mecca-Masjid for the devotees. New prayer rugs have been placed inside the Masjid and sheds are being erected in the courtyard for the devotees’ facilities.

The people (devotees) from different places move to Mecca Masjid to break fasting in large number at Iftar time. Fruits, Dates, Water etc distributed among the devotees arranged by the Mecca-Masjid Authorities.

“All possible arrangements are made for the devotees’ facilities. Wazu Khana (A place for ablution) has been cleaned and will fill with fresh-water. In view of summer season, Sheds almost put up in the courtyard to ensure better amenities for the people,’’ said, Mecca Masjid Authorities.

The people from Muslim community are much happy to welcome holy-month of Ramzaan. One of the residents Younous from Murad Nagar area told Voiceup Media that a month of fasting and devotion is going to start in next few days. He has made all the arrangements at home to observe fasting along with his family members.

“It is great pleasure to welcome a holy-month of Ramzan, which is going to be started in a couple of days. Many of us have been waiting anxiously to start fasting. The entire month gives a kind of spiritual power and peace. Generally, what we have observed is that skipping a time meal, make you feel weak and you can’t bear it. But in this month, one bears long hours from dawn to dusk without food and water. A kind of bearing power automatically generated in the body,’’ said, one of the devotees Younous from Murad Nagar.

Hyderabad Police, GHMC, HMWS&SSB, Traffic Police officials were asked by the Government of Telangana to ensure all the facilities and peace and tranquility in the city of Hyderabad. The State Government has issued an order for the Muslim Government, Outsourcing, and Contract based employees to leave the work early in the holy-month of Ramzaan.

“Government hereby permit all the Muslim Government Service, Contract, Out-sourcing, Boards, Public Sector Employees, Schools working in the State to leave their offices or schools at 4.00 PM during the Holy-Month of Ramzaan,’’ stated, in a order issued by the Government of Telangana.


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