“Preventing Heart Attacks & Saving Precious life’s through CPR,” HHF 

ByVoiceup Media

Mar 18, 2023

In view of the rising cases of sudden cardiac deaths being reported across the city, particularly in the young and without any medical history or morbidity.

Several Masjids in Hyderabad are now planning to create awareness session on Prevention of heart attacks.

Mujtaba Hassan Askari, president, Helping Hand  Foundation clarified that the HHF along with other hospitals would educate people about the prevention of heart attack and performing CPR in case of emergency.

“For this purpose, Helping Hand Foundation (HHF) along with “BSBT” has tied up with ‘Mythri & Princess Durre Shevar Hospital’ from where a team comprising of Cardiologist, Critical Care nurses along with Family physicians and dieticians from HHF will conduct life sessions on prevention of heart attacks and how to perform ‘CPR’ in times of emergency,” said, president Helping Hand Foundation.

He further informed that HHF dieticians were counselling on what will make a good diet to maintain healthy weight and what lifestyle modifications are necessary for a health body and heart.

“We thank our Patron and well-wisher, Dr. P. Shafi MD DM Cardiology, Andhra Medical College for his valuable guidance and support,” Mujtaba Hassan Askari expressed his gratitude to the doctors, who came forward to create awareness among the people to protect themselves and cause to save someone’s precious life.

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