Hyderabad: Vegetable prices are on the rise as rains reportedly damage crops, disrupt supply to major markets

ByVoiceup Media

Mar 18, 2023

Hyderabad: The rates of vegetables are on the rise in different markets in Hyderabad following unseasonal rains disrupted supplies, creating problems to vegetable vendors, wholesalers, and also consumers.

Vendors in major vegetable markets including Guddimalkapur said that the sudden heavy down pour of rains in many parts of Telangana were not only changing rapidly, but also show a rising trend, which is creating confusion and anger among people.

“The supply has been disrupted in the market due to ongoing weather and the prices of vegetable are increasing. I was selling a Kairi (raw mango) Rs 10 each, but it is being sold at Rs 20 now. If the rain continues in the State then the rates may further go up,” said, one of wholesellers at Guddimalkapur Vegetable Markets.

Street vendors aired the similar concern over shortage of supply and price rising in the markets.

“We have no option, but to drop certain vegetables as the customers prefer to buy to their affordable one. Already, people are suffering a lot due to ongoing inflation and now prevailing such weather may cause to add public woes,” rued, one of the regular street vendors.

According to Meterological Department, the rain accompany by heavy gales and thunderstorm will continue across Telangana. 





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