Al-Mizan Tours & Travels bags best services award in Saudi Arabia

ByVoiceup Media

Mar 15, 2023

Al-Mizan Tours & Travels based in Hyderabad, has been identified as the best to ensure better facilities for the pilgrims during the Holy Pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.

Hafiz Mohammed Fayaz Ali, Chairman Al-Mizan Tours & Travels has been honoured by Mr Shaik Ahmed, Manager, Kiswah Factory in Saudi Arabia for the best services of the Umrah Pilgrims.

“I am very much thankful and happy for getting a prestigious honour by Mr. Shaik Ahmed, Manager Kiswah Factory. My services have been identified as the best one in providing better amenities and leading Umrah Pilgrims,” Hafiz Mohammed Fayaz Ali informed Voiceup Media from Saudi Arabia.

He further told Voiceup Media that the pilgrims had a great opportunity to give hand in the preparation of Kiswah ( Ghilaf e Kaaba) in the course of their holy pilgrimage in Saudi Arabia.

Kiswah (Ghilaf e Kaaba), the cloth that drapes the Kaaba by three metres, and covered the raised part with a two-metre-wide white cotton cloth (Ihram) on all four sides, an annual custom.

The kiswah is raised to mark the beginning of the month of Haj each year and is carried out as a precautionary measure to protect the Kiswah because pilgrims who touch or hold on to it during tawaf (circumambulation of the Kaaba) can damage the fine material in the process.


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