No respite from stray dog menace in the old city of Hyderabad

ByVoiceup Media

Mar 10, 2023

People have no respite from stray dog menace in the old city of Hyderabad. Though, several complaints are made by the residents but no proper initiatives taken to deal with increasing dog menace and attacks.

An 60-years-old man and some students were reportedly attacked by dogs in certain old city localities including Noori Nagar, Millat Nagar infront of a private school.

Immediately after, the matter was brought to the notice of authorities about the dog biting cases but nothing has been done to catch stray dogs roaming around in the localities posing a serious threat to children.

“I was passing through from here and suddenly a pack of stray dog attacked me. It is a matter of concern, as it is a school zone, I was attacked by aggresive dog if the trend of negligence continues, the dogs may attack others in the locality,” said, 60-year-old man who bitted by the dogs and injured.



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