SIO demands a fair and evidential based enquiry in the case of Dr. Preerthi’s death

ByVoiceup Media

Mar 4, 2023

Students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) Telangana, demanded a fair and evidential based enquiry in the case of Dr. Preerthi’s death and made an appeal the government to charge, those who were reportedly trying to make it a false issue of communal hatred and disturb the peace of society.

“SIO telangana along with Association for protection of Civil rights (APCR) had a meeting with relatives and friends of Dr. Saif who has been detained against loose accusations of Dr. Preerthi’s death.,” stated, in a press note released by SIO.

The delegation of the students Islamic Organisation of India (SIO) & APCR said to have met with the family members, friends and colleagues of Dr Saif.

“They told  that he’s a very hardworking, kind and a compassionate personality and had never advocated or indulged in any form of unethical, immoral or discriminatory activities and the hospital staff and administration is well aware of the professional behaviour of Dr. Saif and had supported him in the beginning of the issue but are now changing their statements probably due to political pressure,”

They further said that Preethi might have died due to natural causes as she was already on anti-psychotic and other respiratory medications and no suicide note has been found either accusing anyone.

Earlier SIO also met with the family members of late Dr. Preeti at NIMS while she was under observation in RICU and expressed grief.


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