UP: Arif & Sarus Crane friendship sets an example 

ByVoiceup Media

Feb 26, 2023

There is a saying “A friend in need is a friend indeed”. Similarly, a friendship has set an example in a small village of Uttar Pradesh. 

Mohammed Arif from Aurangabad, village in the Gauriganj Tehsil of Uttar Pradesh draws everyone’s attention these days, due to his friendship with a Sarus Crane.

In fact, Mohammed Arif has found a wounded Sarus Crane in his village and had brought it to his home and treated it well.

A leg was broken and the Sarus crane was unable to walk or fly then. At that time, Sarus was taken good care of by Mohammed Arif with an intention to let him go back to the forest once he recovers fully.

But it did not happen and Sarus became a good friend of Arif. Though Arif tried to let him go back, it stayed with him. 

Both move around the village or go on long rides or places together. Arif is very happy with Sarus and so is Sarus.

“I found him with a broken leg in the field and took good care of it. I thought that it would go back to its place but it didn’t happen and he stays with me. He plays with me and comes along with me wherever I go ,” said Mohammed Arif.


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