Medak cops suspended in Khadeer khan death case

ByVoiceup Media

Feb 21, 2023

 Medak Sub-Inspector Rajshekhar and two constables Pawan & Prashant have been suspended from their services following a public outrage over the death of Khadeer Khan in alleged theft case.

Medak Police tortured Mohammed Khadeer Khan, 35 who died on Feb 16 , while being treated in Gandhi Hospital mortuary.

Mohammed Khadeer Khan who was picked up as a suspect in a theft case by P Rajesh (SI) and two Constables Prashant and Pavan of Medak Police from Hussainialam in Hyderabad on Jan 29 kept in illegal custody for five days and subjected to third degree torture and further kept as house arrest for three more days so that he could not complain anyone but due to unbearable pain somehow he escaped from his house and got himself admitted in Government Hospital Medak, later he succumbed to his injuries.

Khadeer khan’s custodial death sparked resentment among people and demanded stern action against cops who are involved in torturing him.


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